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JENN BIZZY: BEYOND T.V.'s only right that I give a little insight as to who I am in my first blog - not what's on my resume, but, where I am from, and, who I am outside of news.

Simply put, I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens (NY). But, I am South American (geographically), Caribbean (culturally) and Indian (religiously).

My parents were born and raised in Guyana, a Caribbean country that is not on an island, but is home to the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) - which is the economic organization that ties most of the Caribbean together.

My family, like many in Guyana, migrated to the United States many moons ago.

Some stats?

Guyana, according to the U.S. Bureau of Diplomatic Security has a population of 750,000 people. Research shows 80% of people who have migrated to the U.S. in the past few decades from Guyana, did so without a high school diploma - as did my parents.

Once in the U.S., my parents went to school, got their diplomas and got degrees which helped them climb the corporate ladder and become inspiring role models for both my sister and I.

Statistics from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, show Guyana has one of the highest homicide rates in South America. And, other research reveals the country is one of the poorest in both South America and the Caribbean, and has one of the highest suicide rates in the continent.

But, the land of many waters, as Guyana is often referred to, is also known for its exotic land, water and species. It also has rich agriculture, like rice and sugar, and natural resources, like bauxite, gold, diamonds, timber, shrimp and fish.

I couldn't be more proud of where I am from.

My latest trip to Guyana was in 2012, it was then I met with the country's President, Donald Ramotar, went to the country's capital, Georgetown, visited several landmarks, and, talked with people who live there - it was the most humbling experience to date. I made a promise then, one I intend to keep, and, that is to help the people who live there and are from there as much as I can, in an attempt to preserve the country, its culture and its future.

More about Jenn Bizzy:

The Name: Given to me because I'm always on the go.

What keeps me Bizzy? Family. Friends. Fashion. Planning. Traveling. Writing. Teaching. Cooking. Baking. Running. Volunteering.

Guilty Pleasures: Shopping. Chocolate. Wine. Lifetime.

Outside of my Bizzy Life I Enjoy: Music. Cars. Dancing. Disney. NYC. The Beach. Good Food. A Good Challenge.

That's it for now ... thanks for stopping by!

Busy, but always making time ...

-Jenn Bizzy

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