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Not the boyfriend, the father.

And, it's not an emotional thing, it's a health finding.

Doctors have diagnosed my dad with a rare condition called Situs Inversus Totalis - which is the complete reversal of positions of all major organs, including the heart. That means his heart is on the right side, his right and left lungs are alternated, his liver is situated on the left, spleen on the right, etc.

Research that is available, shows it is present in 0.01% of the population. With that being said, there aren't enough doctors who specialize in this, nor is their enough research.

An example: Physicians did not detect this on my father until he was in his 40's!!

Another: Before surgery in 2013, the surgeon said to him, "I'm going to open you up, but, I don't what I am going to find."

Thank god his surgery went well, and with the exception of a few complications he is doing okay today, and that's because he has made a commitment to his health.

He walks a lot, has reduced his sugar and fatty food intake, eats dinner early, drinks a lot of water and goes to the doctor regularly for check-ups.

I am not a doctor, but I'll tell you this: Give your body the attention and care it deserves, it will certainly help fight things that are beyond our control.

Busy, but always making time,

Jenn Bizzy

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